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I use these tools daily to provide high quality services
Affinity Designer - $59 -Lifetime

This powerful software helps me design amazing graphics for just about any project

Affinity Designer has so many features that allow you to see the results of your design in real-time. The program has a little learning curve but is easy to use. For instance, if you are creating a logo and you're new you may want to look at some YouTube videos to get some tips.

Aside from the design creation software, you should consider using these free software tools.

Davinci Resolve - Free Lifetime

This powerful software is used to edit videos like a pro

Davinci Resolve another free, powerful video editing software. It features numerous expert tools to help us create animated logos, from 3D to watercolor. Moreover, it has an advanced page layout and design system that makes it very easy to adjust and resize video and images without much work. But be aware that it's not for the faint of heart. Unless you have the skills to use this software, it might not be for you.

Obs Studio - Free Lifetime

This amazing software is used to stream live video

If you'd like to teach or do any type of online streaming then OBS Studio is your way to go. Check it out and trust, you can't find anything better and it's absolutely free!

WordPress - Free Lifetime

This amazing software is used to create stunning websites at blazing fast speeds!

See mine here!

Tools like WordPress include an immersive library of customizable templates and powerful plugins. If you want to create a custom header, banner, footer, blog page layout, then Elementor is the way to go, you can choose from thousands of professionally-made templates and use them how ever you want, just add images for your blog, and page posts. Moreover, it's always free.

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