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Demetrio Guerrero Jr

Last Update 4 个月前

The Beginning 

We were founded in 2007 as DG Presence and changed our name to ATX Web Developer in 2010.

We are re-branding our own website in 2020 to combine our hosting company DC9 Hosting with ATX Web Developer to create all-encompassing Authority Team X - World Wide or also known as ATXWD.COM!

Hope you like the site and if you want to read more visit our about page!

Check out the Steps

Daily 1 on 1’s plus you gain access to our weekly webinars.

You can register for a free staging website that we can begin to brand out for you. Once you’re ready then you can domain mask it or migrate the site to a cPanel (amp) it can always be kept and used for testing updates, new plugins, etc.

This quick course on brand readiness will determine where we are on the world continuum.

If you’ve been putting in the work, then your brand is ready for the next step with ground level status.

Gain a higher level of tools sets for added functionality plus much more.

The rapid response ticketing system allows you to never miss a beat and get fast result on your upcoming launches.

This plan will be created directly by Demetrio with a custom emphasis of self-awareness.

This is much more than just branding videos gain self-confidence, overcome hard times and much more.

Alternatively, you can also just receive plugin help rather than use our hosting or branding services.

We are ready to serve you!

Things you can expect to receive with ATXWD

  1. Client Portal
  2. Lead Generator
  3. Custom Shop
  4. Landing Page
  5. Demo Site

All ATX-WD websites come with the best performance plugin in the world (WP Rocket) The best Page builder in the world (Elementor Pro) and the best addons package in the world (Premium Addons for Elementor) We also include bonus plugins like Forminator Pro, Slider Pro and much more!

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